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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Parents and Their Young Adult Children

I thought I'm the only one who's being screwed in this situation, but recently I discussed with a group of friends who are in the same shoes with me.

I understand that parents protect us from the cunningly outside world, which are full of actors and strangers. The outside world, though filled with entertainment and leisure, it functions with money, and some unscrupulous members of the society will work for profits unethically.

But does it mean that staying at home is your total comfort zone?


I had been heavily banned from driving though I'm already a driving license owner for 2 years. I was told that I can drive if I got more sufficient experience. Problem is, how sufficient is your amount? 100 cm? It's uncountable.

I thought of various ways of getting income, since Father is almost retiring, though I'm still studying. But, you make me less exposed to the outside world. You even give me the undelightful face everytime I go out with my friends. I am already 20 years old, I'm not your 10 year old.

To those parents who are over-protecting their children, if you continue to manipulate them, here is what you get:

1. Your child will not be competent in employment. People will take advantage over his/her innocent and homely mind as he/she's lack of street experience.

2. Be prepared for your child to kahwin lambat (late marriage). It's very hard to find single girls in their 20s. So, you just have to wait longer for your grandchildren if you continue to cage your child. Oh ya, social skills will be affected. Times have changed.

3. You will likely to be blamed if your child don't get what he/she wants in her life. 

I can tell of many more stuffs. But this can be rude for the older generation. So, I rack this up into this next paragraph.

Why cage us when we are developing skills for employment? Why limit us when we are in our youths? Why lock us up when you say live life to the fullest? Why limit our vision while we are seeking our goals and purpose of living? =.=

Don't worry, we will be safe. We will not leave you behind. We just want our own comfort zone and financial freedom. Nobody wants to be manipulated.

You were once young, do you love being your parents' Pokemon? Do you love being controlled?

Watch the film "Finding Nemo" and you'll understand more.

Be open minded. You can care for them, but be careful not to play God. They have the rights to be who they want to be, you can at least guide them with your experiences. :)

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