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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Hello! Tak Ade Elektrik! (No Electric!)"

A Tawau citizen who leaves his/her hometown will surely be used to power breakdowns in various forms - Internet, water, and oh! Electric. One will tend not to forget about electric breakdowns the most. Well, for many years ever since this town was established in 1898, people complain about the slow development pace here.

Well, today's funny. We (Fadhlan, Teo, Siau Yik and me) had electric breakdown this morning and afternoon. The afternoon part was funnier, we were in a cyber cafe playing L4D2, and while struggling halfway in a campaign, the power suddenly shut down and the whole CC yelled in distress.

As for us, we were laughing instead of cursing. :)

"Last time, I was really complaining about this powercuts, as it always happens here. But, I don't why I'm laughing. Maybe this is the taste of home."

Guess who's line was that? Okay, let you ex-schoolmates go figure it out.

SESB really should improve their services to be as adequate as TNB in West Malaysia. You can hardly experience any breakdowns over there. It's a very serious matter to them whenever there's electric shortage. As our towns and cities continue to develop, people are becoming more demanding for their standards of living.

As the breakdown affected my house this morning, I suddenly thought about the recent Namewee clip against TNB

Imagine if someone does the same thing Namewee did in Sabah. It better don't happen.

But anyway, I believe that ex-Tawau citizens will tend to remember Tawau when it comes to electric breakdowns in other places. "Home sweet home." :)

So, those who will be ready to leave Tawau for tertiary studies or employment purposes, think of the bright side. Cherish the times whenever you face electric shortages, you will definitely miss those times. :)

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