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Sunday, December 27, 2009

When Will He Ever Learn?

Rants ahead. Viewers' discretion is advised. 

Yepp, one of the episodes of "The Greatest Freakout Ever" which is currently gaining popularity in Youtube. We do not know if the scene is true, but I can assure you that 1 out of around 2500 families will experience such a demon. 1 out of hundreds of these "terrorists" will turn out to be like famous assassins and criminals who oppose the ways of the society in the future. 

Well, to that brother of mine, you should be very thankful that you are not like Stephen who is under defamation, but I'm gonna say that you are as short-tempered as him and your behaviour and appearance doesn't even give us peace. You're just freaking ruining our happiness here and give us a lot of hell to deal with. 

Well, do you know what pissed me off yesterday? That fella, being jealous of me using the house laptop, quickly snatched the laptop away after I used it, and when I use my own laptop to go online, he even SNATCHED the modem away. Now, he's putting a password on the house laptop so that I am unable to use it. I'm currently using my laptop to go online. 

Just because YOU wanted to dominate this house doesn't mean we will succumb to your anger. 

Well, if you don't like this house, why not just GET LOST? You don't even have a large number of friends. Tell you what? Over the years, most of your peers complained a lot things about you. You can't realise that, can't you? It's because people can speak behind you. 

If you want to use the computer, why not open your damn mouth and ask, instead of being an Incredible Hulk smashing things in your room? Is that simple. 

Please learn how to compromise with us, before we really go beyond our limits. We have been patient with you for a very long time. I have already improved in anger management, but if you want to lure this dormant volcano to erupt, be my guest, and I show you how dangerous it is if you play with fire. 

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