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Sunday, December 13, 2009

"I Am Just A Grain of Sand"

A Hokkien Christian hymn caught my attention today, when a Datuk and a Datin gave a speech in Calvary Charismatic Church about success and presented a song about it.

And this make me blog for today. 

We're nothing but a grain of sand, indeed. In God's eyes, we're just normal, regardless nationality, race or status. We're no special when compared to each other, we're actually all equal. Like sands on the beach, we stay on the ground, being dried under the heating Sun and flattened by the cold rains day by day. No one truly knows and understand us.

I was also being told by parents about friends this morning. She said, "You will only know your real friends when you are in deep trouble." 

This I understand. I know some befriends you for fun, some are for their benefits, some for your money, some for social status, some because you're popular. Though they won't betray you, they still treat you good for their own self-interests.

I believe that each and everyone of you do experience the moments when you care for somebody but in return, you do not get something from them, right? :) 

Back to Mum, she told me this: During my Grandfather's funeral 5 years ago, only a few of hundreds of people whom she knows attended the funeral. She has been faithfully attending her friends' funeral whenever it happens, but she was let down.

I also believe everyone of us are also being let down in another similar situation. E.g, people gossip behind you, leaving you behind or forgetting your meetings (Chinese term: fang fei ji), ignoring you, etc.

As for me, I'm trying to be as faithful as humanly possible to those whom I'd known as friends. Through experiences, I can know who are the good friends I have. Well, there are only good friends, there is no such thing as "true friend". Why? A true friend is the people's ideal friend who will walk with you and support you through your WHOLE journeys of life. But everyone that you know will eventually leave you during one of your life chapters.

Yeah, you can be happy with who you are with right now, but when something bad happens, then you know who are your real friends.

"We wanted to care for people, but this world we're living in do not encourage us to do so, as everyone of us are busy with their own stuffs." 
- Anonymous.

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