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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Month of Holiday

Apparently, this holiday doesn't seem to go according to my way.

I thought I can make use of this holiday to be more outgoing and focus more on stuffs like photography, but there are sudden craps that came out of nowhere, dimming every opportunity I have. At least I met some old friends along the way. At least I managed to drive (under mum's supervision only). That's the only way to counter the "culprits".

I don't know if I should have the rights to complain to heaven why are these stuffs happening to me at the wrong time. Do God want to tell me something through this?

On the bright side of things, I just recovered from food poisoning, and my laptop is finally being upgraded to Windows 7 with 3GB RAM. At least I rejoiced for that.

Tomorrow's going to be very tiring. Since it's going to be the last day of our old friend's gathering. Fadhlan will be leaving @ Christmas, while Teo Kai Peng will fly for London @ New Year's Eve. I do thank God for the Left4Dead 2 games and the meals we're engaged in, but somehow I feel something is incomplete on other stuffs.

I feel envy to those who are able to photoshoot and socialize more without any resistance from various factors. Before my kiasu attitude takes over me fully, I better say, "Happy Holidays" and have fun while it still remains, before all of you complain about your busy lives in your college/workplace. :) keke...

I hope the 2nd quarter of my holidays will be better. But what will I do @ January? Another 4 weeks dealing with unexpected crisis, a trip to Sydney which is a 50-50, and a caught-up between the past and the future of my life - Things are going to make me confused, as different institutions of life are trying to tell me different messages for me to decide for myself.  

I am currently frustrated, confused and disillusioned. Here and now, what I should do?

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