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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hello! Samsung Corby

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I finally got a touch phone, just to replace my 1 year old Sony Ericsson K530i. Well, I took the Samsung Corby as my choice after going through a large selection of phones, which included the Nokia 5230, Nokia 5530 Expressmusic, Nokia 5800, LG Cookie, Samsung Star and Sony Ericsson Naite.

The Corby is really one heck of a phone worth beyond its price. I'd never seen such a touch phone below RM 1000 until I saw that model. Too bad it doesn't have the 3G features and a decent camera. Anyway, the reason why I chose the Corby out of the selections was because:

- The Samsung Corby, though only just enter the mobile markets, has a low price of just RM 699.

- The Nokia ExpressMusic phones do not have speakers as good as the Corby's.

- Samsung touch phones are really affordable. If I am born with a silver cup, I might as well get the 12.1 MP Sony Ericsson Aino or a PDA straightaway. Too bad SE doesn't have cheaper touch phones.

- The second best selection, which was the Samsung Star, only can store up to 200 phone numbers. It's kinda limited for the phonebook as the people you meet will increase day by day.

So far, I'm very impressed with the Corby. When you purchase a unit of it, you will have a total of 3 battery covers with different designs on it - Samsung is really thinking outside the box! And this phone is full of useful widgets if you are a casual online surfer- It offers widgets from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc!

Last but not least,

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By excalade89

I dedicate this line to my old mobile, the Sony Ericsson K530i. You really served me well, until the days when you suddenly become unstable as you lose energy quickly. Still, you are a really decent phone. Like the Corby, you are more valuable than your price of RM 530+ (as in Dec 2008). It's therefore a low price given to a 3G phone.

Back to you readers, if you want to kick start the new year with a Samsung Corby, how about joining this contest by Nuffnang?

If you're selected by them, you will be joining a Paintball contest in January and the winners will get the phone for FREE! I'm unable to join, though, since I'll be here in Tawau until February (if I'm going to Sydney).

To the ex-classmates of St. Patrick, stay tuned for the next post, ya?

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