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Friday, December 4, 2009

Birthday Tribute: Cayenne @ Yen Ching

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4th December is another birthday of another old friend of mine whom I had knew since 2002. And yes, she's none other than this Amber Chia look-a-like, Yen Ching :) Picture taken during my 3rd gathering with the ex-classmates in Sunway Pyramid >link<.

Here is my confessions on how I first met her. 

During our high school days, we don't really talk to each other so much. Since the Form 1 days, I was always following Guojun on whoever he interacted with. This made me later bumped into people like Timothy, Wong Zhi Hao and Yee Tsemin. Together we went through our first semester in Form 1, and later on we began meeting newer people from other classes who went into class A.

Yen Ching is one of the newcomers, alongside Khai Loong, Chang Soon Vun and Pang Yih Fui to name a few. But I didn't really notice her a lot in class. Tell you what, I only notice girls like Jeannette Wong, Alicia, Jade Lin, and later on, Hui Hwa (during Form 3) the most that time. I only knew that she was very close with Liew Yee Kiun, before she was known as one of the 4 "aunties" alongside Hui Hwa, Fang Yee and Kah Kee.

Despite the lack of notice, I was a lil' confused who's Yen Ching and Yen Lee during the lower secondary days. Oh yes! I still do remember the days when she got the nickname "Crabby", given by one of Joan's group of friends.

How did we become more like friends? Though we're under one roof in our high school days, I began knowing her more via MSN Messenger when my house first got Streamyx @ Form 5. Every time we're engaged in a chat, I felt really inspired by her. Sometimes, we're like encouraging one another, as well as sharing our opinions towards life and our goals. Here, I realized how ambitious she is, as she dreams of being a great designer.

Today she'd changed a lot ever since we took our SPM results, the day where our lives change forever. From a typical student with a pair of glasses, to a model-like college student, I see her moving to a greater height day by day. I can assure you that among all my homies, she had made the biggest breakthrough in her life, followed by Fang Yee who has another dream of growing rich. I see her benefiting her holidays well on exploring what is life when she works, at the same time putting herself into many new situations that may be challenging. It's truly inspiring.

The rest of us, including me (I admit), were still thinking like typical college students where we always talk and worry about grades instead of seeking for our true identity in society. We shouldn't do this as we're young adults already. I kept on telling myself about this.

Last but not least, Cayenne, if you're reading this, here is my birthday message to you:

There is one thing within you which is the reason why you inspire me a lot - You have an adventurous spirit that burns like fire inside you. As long as it carries you through time, a thousand tonnes of burdens you shall not falter.

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I know this post is too long, but...
HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY, and don't be afraid that you're now a young adult like us! :)

P.S - I had reedited the photos specially for this post. Sorry if it's not impressive enough.


Cayenne said...

hey.. victor thank you for the post. my eyes are so small! hahaha.. now smaller! so sorry now only got the time to comment! hahaha.. well. think i reli changed a lot since i left secondary skul. life changed me. dreams changed me=)

Victor Tan said...

haha...Like my current Obama-inspired motto said, "Change- We can believe in" :)