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Saturday, August 15, 2009

3rd Mini High School Gathering @ Sunway Pyramid

Editor's Note: If you had read this post before 11am, take notice that I'd went through the whole page for mistakes. I'm sorry about the "Boys' Toys" mistake to those who saw it. I wanted to say that boys have their own stuffs, while girls' have their own. There would be misunderstandings if I use the term "Boys' Toys".

If you want to read the previous 2 gatherings, do read these posts.

>Gathering 1< - With Fang Yee, Cayenne, Yee Tsemin.

>Gathering 2< - With Fang Yee, Cayenne, Khai Loong, Siau Yik, Timothy.

At the afternoon of August 14, the 3rd one came. This time it was with Cayenne, Hui Hwa, Pang Yih Fui, Fang Yee, Kah Kee and Tony.

What made this gathering special to me is:

1. First time "covering" a gathering with my DSLR cam. At least I'd improved from that orientation night photo fiasco.

2. I'd never seen Tony for AGES!

3. I want to see Koh's new hairstyle. I did heard that she cut her hair during her return to KL last month. And yeah, she's still attractive with it. Fadhlan, you jangan salah tafsir ah. keke.....

4. I can finally skate as fast as Cayenne on the ice xD.

Before I continue:

Portrait of the Day

Trying to capture a perfect portrait of Hui Hwa before everyone leaves. Spent 3 hours on editing it, and another 1 hour on the colours. Well, this version is actually the newer version than the one you guys saw in Facebook. I brightened up the colour here. Compared to the Facebook one, this photo is more yellow-ish, as it matches her skin more.

That was just an impromptu portrait anyway, but the pic seemed to turn out that well.

And thanks, Hui Hwa for being a great model.

Not everyone arrived early that day. I went there first @ 1 pm just to get something for my camera. My monitor cover needs to be replaced, so I got myself a crystal seal for my monitor.

And I managed to take some pictures while awaiting them...

See...I'd learned my lessons xD

And later I met Koh and Cayenne @ Blue Atrium. They got their cash for some early shopping, which I have no choice but to follow them.

You know what? This week, almost 80% of the people whom I interact are girls. And yes, I had been going out with them for 2 straight days. Following a group of girls doing their shopping isn't a very fun thing. Patience is really needed for it.

And the worst part is - you can't slide into their conversations, unless you are expertised in cosmetics, fashion, jewellery, etc.

Like it or not, these are girls' stuffs. When they like handbags, lipsticks, eyeliners, Luis Vitton, Jimmy Choos and Estee Lauder/ Maybelline/ MAC, we like Apple, DotA, CounterStrike, BMWs, Lamborghinis, or even condominiums.

Okay, cut the crap. The main point is - girls are girls, okay? I did not say I don't like girls. They are adorable, pretty, and randomly creative (E.g camwhoring under unexpected situations), I should say. And do respect them, because they make your day - ALWAYS :) That includes your mum.

Yen Ching with the dress that she tried. She looked like Amber Chia in this picture, agree? :)

And later on, we went to find Shim Kah Kee and her boyfriend, or should I say, my long lost friend, Tony Lau. Both of them are from UTAR with Khoo Chun Yi (hopefully my judgement is correct) and they are now in their Advanced Diploma programme in Accounting.

And when we gathered, the girls continued their shopping and Tony was finding his belt. Somehow around 3.20 pm, Fang Yee arrived.

And the 4 are finally united. They called themselves 4ever Friends. I called them the Fantastic Four.

From left: Kah Kee, Hui Hwa, Fang Yee, Cayenne (Yen Ching).

And even though they had drifted apart, their relationships remained fervent. 2 months ago, they gathered together for a tour in Penang. I was thinking of editing this into a lomograph. But, see how I will manage my time larr...

We began to go skating around 5 pm. But when we arrived at the gate, the ice was under resurfacing process. And it took so long for the job to be done. =.= swt.

But nevermind the havoc. The fun remained continued. Well, the photos here were from Kah Kee's SE K810i and Cayenne's Canon Powershot SX200 IS which shoots like an EOS 500D. lol...Mind if I borrow some of your pictures?

From the white gloves, clockwise:
Shim, Tony, Me, Fang Yee, Koh, and Yen Ching.

Hui Hwa and I. This one is taken by Cayenne, happily :)

From left: Hui Hwa and Fang Yee.

I must be very shocked when she pointed her cam at us..

Tony and his "bad boy" pose. He's good in ice skating as well.

Koh as she's changing her shoes. Speaking of shoes, I hope everyone's fine without a blister.

Pictures from Cayenne's cam. See, I told ya! She's as if bringing a Canon EOS in!!! Haha...

During the skate, as usual, Cayenne, Fang Yee and I were fast skaters, just that we fell more when compared to the previous one. Shim did well in balancing herself, while Hui Hwa was a very quick learner. Tony is adequate enough to skate, but you will see him helping Shim a lot. A good bf, I should say xD

Now, for the post-mortem photos after ice-skating (Picture courtesy: Shim's hp):

Well, there were the 4.

And Tony came in.

And I was in. Tony went out.

After the splendid ice skating session, we ate in Popeye's xD. It was a newly built fast food restaurant in the mall. And I can tell you, its mashed potatos are really delicious, so as the chickens :)

At the same time, we met Pang Yih Fui. Belum sempat we took photos of the food we ordered, we already ate them up as we were very hungry.

The girls later on went to check on some handbags and bracelets, while Tony accompanied me for a Cola Light hunt. Too much aspartame, don't keep on drinking it, kay? :)

And then there were camwhores.

I can say that this is the BEST photo of the day. Look at how "cun" the color is, and guess what? No editings at all! Taken by Cayenne using my camera. Well, congrats xD

Pang Yih Fui and Koh. 2 radiant smiles, HD redefined , haha :)

Hui Hwa and Shim.

The cast (from left): Me, Cayenne, Fang Yee, Hui Hwa, Pang Yih Fui, Tony and Shim.

We all left around 10pm right after I took KHH's portrait. Hui Hwa, you should be happy that your photo at least went success. I tried a portrait on Fang Yee once somewhere in the Marrakesh section, but failed. No external flash to help me larr... :(

Looks like everything's done. But time does really moving fast, it's been 3 years since we left our high school life. We'd been discussing about a reunion, but it's getting harder and harder to realize it.

But, since we are all connected, I believe that a 2nd complete reunion will be a reality.

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