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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I know it's late, but at least I can share my reviews :) 

I expected 2012 is about the real End of Days, as the trailer had stated. But, if you look at the storyline carefully, it's like a modern version of Noah's Ark being retold. What's being funny is like the passengers for the ark were "genetically selected". Like for example, in the Bible, Noah was asked to select the male and female of every animal species. Here, I saw people like a pair of Arabs, Caucasians, Asians, etc entering the Ark. 

The 2012 phenomenon is based on a series of facts and fiction. The idea of the 21/12/12 doomsday is first told by the ancient Mayan calendar which ended on that date. At the same time, alongside with Freemason symbols and Nostradamus' predictions, this date marked the Earth had been positioned in the Great Alignment of the universe. From then, the Earth will collapse due to the crust (see this >link< to understand the Crust Displacement Theory more) 

I do not really believed that the year that we graduate in our UniSA degrees would be the day we all die. But, I feel that something else will be happening that day. There were so many films that already showed that the 9/11 attacks would happen, e.g. Terminator 2 - there's a scene where the entrance of the tunnel was written "Caution 9/11", as well as the "Illuminati" eye-in-the-pyramid symbol. 

This is an excerpt in the movie explaining the 2012 myth by Charlie, a character who is depicted like a Hippy/ end time pessimist. 

And the film has humourous scenes as well. I like the Ukrainian fella the most, though he's not a good character in the film. 

"Everyone, BE QUIET! Engine, start." And the Bentley suddenly was on. :) after Curtis struggled so long to start the car. 

And another thing I noticed is the American politicians' similarity. When the California governor spoke during the beginning of the major earthquake, I noticed that the English slang sounded like Arnold Schwartzeneggar's a lot. And the President of USA is an African American, though he doesn't look like President Obama. 

I did not watch it alone. I went to the cinema with Bong, Huei Ling and Thomas. Tu lah, Miki and Cynthia did not reply me. Both of you should join in the fun. 

I think I spent a lot today. Bought a new set of GP rechargeable batteries and a RM 35 cleaning brush for my lens. Now, I'm saving money for today as I'm buckling for home today. 

After the 2012 show, we went for Japanese sushi. And after that we wandered around Sunway. I took my chance to rejuvenate my photography skills. It's been 1 week I never touched my camera due to the assignments. 

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Huei Ling, I should have ask you to move a bit to the front :( 

12 more hours to the airport! And yeah, see you UniSA coursemates after 3 months. I'll promise you quality photos from Tawau and Sydney xD 

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