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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Colour Temperature

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White Balance 4500K

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By excalade89

White balance 2200K

From my friend's balcony :) Just trying out the colour settings.

By just judging the quality of my recent photos here, you'll understand that everyone around me, including me myself, are all busy. 2 deadlines appear at the same day, while the other 2 follows by on Wednesday and Friday. After that, it's 2012 and a dinner together!

Speaking about colour acronym and temperatures, I really regret that I don't take serious attention during my high school Art Visual classes. It is because I really hate drawing. I simply draw as if I don't care how much I will score for that subject until Form 3, where I tried my best not to fail the subject. 

At least everything is over. I never know Arts Visual is useful by the time I have a camera, specially in terms of lighting and colours

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