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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just To Keep This Page Alive....

The first view everytime I wake up.

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By excalade89

Smile, kitty :)

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By excalade89

2nd edit of it :)

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By excalade89

Anyway, tell you what makes me happy and sad lately:

Happy, because:
1. I know that I won't walk alone in the midst of academic pains.
2. A new grocery shop is opened on Suriamas, 2nd floor.
3. Got another Distinction in POJ and a high Credit (arrgh!) in PR1.
4. New inspirations for the Monkey Majik critique.

Sad, because:
1. I found out that one of my former crushes finally had a boyfriend, it's nothing but wrong timing. Still a bitter fact to be swallowed, though. It's a very long story. 
2. Academic pains- 5 deadlines in 2 weeks.
3, No longer flying to Melbourne. We'll fly all the way to Sydney only @ Feb. Dang!
4. I screwed up in a negotiation just now, which may affect my future.

Life still goes on, right? 

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