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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Really Must Lose Weight!

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This was me in year 2006. (Form 5)

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My latest facebook profile picture (The current me). It's not about angles, for sure I'm fatter than before. Just notice the difference on my neck width. lol....

And dang! I really must lose weight. 

When it comes to shopping for clothes, I always tend to rely on girls to help me choose the right outfits. Last year, I bought something under my 2 beloved cousins' suggestions, Melissa and Kar May

This time, I got extra advises from Thomas and Huei Ling. One of them is to do sit ups. Ohkay, my stomach really needs to be shrinked. I lost my 6 packs that once existed during my high school days. :(

The "weight gain" issue first hit me when Elaine said that I looked chubby in MSN 2 years ago. And slowly, I got criticized by my family members and slowly, my ex-classmates. Some people still said that I'm still fine, but to me, IT's NOT FINE. Some BMI readings even told me I'm almost going to be overweight.

Must discipline myself already. 

Time to do POJ. I'm way behind schedules. 

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