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Friday, November 27, 2009

Birthday Tribute : Fadhlan

Well, since you made me a blog post of me during the birthday (I remembered the "drunken" face ah), why not I do this in return? :)


Anyway, 27 November is the birthday of a long time friend of mine, Fadhlan. I knew him since 2004 when he first came into class 3A. And yeah, he was used to be one of my good competitors (I know last time I very kiasu one :P) in academics in high school, but he made himself even better in the Berlian eras.

And all I can say that he's full of humour and he is a very independent guy, throughout these 5 years of knowing each other. Sorry larr if I kacau you too often, but I can't help it owhh..haha....He's favourite kind of music is R&B/ Hip-hop (e.g. Pitbull :) and K-pop, especially from BoA. 

And the good thing is, he'll be back to Tawau this weekend! xD But I don't think I can play pool with you very often. Haiz...

Happy 20th birthday :) Now, you can go clubbing more edi xD 

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Balik Tawau, belanja makan ah! xD

Picture taken during the outing in July (during the orientation days).


Lan said...

lol , u nasty , u stalker , u kept this photo!!! cucuk u oh ! haha , thanks for the wish la

Cayenne said...

wahahaha. so garang his look

Victor Tan said...

Cayenne: He's like that one...:)

Fadhlan: Eh, I didn't complain when you put my "drunken" lookin face in ur post, haha :)U ah....