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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not All Old Wounds Are Healed.

Yes, I confessed that I was a hot-tempered kid who went way too much and over the limit just because of some "insults" thrown and initiated by someone. 

And I promised myself that I must change for today. I'm glad that I recovered from my failure to express myself when someone brought me to my limits. At the same time, some old friends who were affected by my temper became good friends with me today. I'm happy. :)

But there are still things that made me mad, some stuffs that made me felt unforgivable to. Sometimes, it's hard to forgive and to bury the past. 

And upon graduation from high school, something also screwed me up. 

I tell you the tale of that fella. Before SPM happened, we're nice to each other as we chat during tuition, as we're from different classes. 

Until the turning point happened. 

I remembered that MSN conversation very well. He spammed at me, and then provoked me until I just blocked him. I thought it's just someone hacking his account, but he continued hitting me as if he knew who I was that time. 

The evidence became clearer as he began to ignore me during a gathering. And he became more like a bastard when I met him in another later event of my chapter of life. He was behaving like an arrogant fag. 

And now, there will be a reunion coming in. I might have the chance to see him as well. 

I hope everything goes fine during the event. Yes, in the past I did made accidentally made some enemies in the process of "defending" myself from being teased. But many had re-accepted me, just that not all the old wounds are healed. 

P.S - Kinda sad, because among all my ex-5 Berlian comrades who were studying outside M'sia, I think only Fadhlan and I might made it for the reunion. 

To any of the 5B fellas who are right here around KL, I wanna ask if everything's okay, can we have a gathering in Quattro @ Jln Ampang, KLCC next year around April/ May? 

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