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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Polarising Filters

Note: Viewer's discretion is advised. I'm just sharing in my blog. 

A DSLR camera is like a weapon system. Well, a modern rifle can be assembled with a silencer, a combat scope, a bayonet, or a grenade launcher, and with this feature you can even change the role of the rifle - from standard to a machine gun/ sniper rifle. 

The same thing goes to the DSLR camera. Just that they're not lethal

A DSLR camera can be fitted with an external flash, a lens (a MUST, without it the camera won't work), memory card, tripod, monopod, batteries, intervalometer, etc. Here, I'm gonna share to you about filters. Since the lens costs thousands of dollars, you need a filter to protect the lens surface at all times from scratches and dusts. Basically, you need to get a UV filter. 

Now, about polarising filters

If you are a scenery/landscape type of photographer, you really need this filter. Usually, in landscape photos, you might dislike the image quality of the skies, as you may also face hazy environment at the same time. 

The filter is made with a very special material using the principles of wavelength in lights.  Just see for yourself. :) 

Image Hosted by
By excalade89

Image Hosted by
By excalade89

See? Well, there are 2 types of polarising filters. First is the linear type, while the second is the circular PF. Usually, photographers will go for the circular PF, (short form = CPF) as linear PFs tend not to compensate with the camera's white balance system. Furthermore, with the CPF, you can adjust the filter settings according to the way you want. 

Prices of the CPF can ranged around RM 110- RM 260+ 

Basically, the CPF has 3 roles: 

1. Filter out the hazy environment for a clear landscape scene. 
2. Making the skies look blue and crystal clear
3. Taking better shots through glass surface. 

You can help me add up the roles :) 

I don't really have the time to demonstrate as I'll be getting busy with college works (CCS especially =.= ) but these are my first pictures using my CPF. (Sorry, there were just a few clouds last week) If there's chance I'll show you clouds. 

Image Hosted by
By excalade89

Image Hosted by
By excalade89

I learned the techniques of the CPF by this guy :) Hope it helps you more...

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