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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taxi Blues

A common taxi fare from Suriamas to our LCS campus (Bali) costs RM 6. Keep this in mind, as I continue to tell the real tale. 

This afternoon, I paid with a different price. 

Thank God I found an honest and polite taxi driver. It was raining cats and dogs this afternoon and I took his taxi to the college as I'm late for POJ class today. Because he is new to the Sunway area, I had to guide him to the college myself. 

When I reached the destination, the total fare costed me RM 3.80 :) 

See the difference? It's a RM 2.20 gap. That's because he's using the meter. 

The last POJ quiz has ended. 4 more deadlines, 4 more nightmares. 

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