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Friday, January 29, 2010

Approaching The Final Week in Tawau

Next week will be the final week staying here in Tawau, and gosh, it's been a while after 2 months being bored at home. 

Apparently, time passes so quick that you never know that next month is February. The next thing you realize is Chinese New Year songs begin to be played by shops around town. 

I don't feel like leaving here. There are still so many things I wanted to do, even if I was suppressed. And worse, I will return here this December, instead of June, which will be the next semester break. 

Coming back here is always a decision. Everytime I return here, I am expected to be "locked". And worse, I am not allowed to drive without "supervision". If this continues, you just imagine if a 25 year old man being banned from driving even he had a driving license for a very long time. It's feels like crap, you see? I knew a friend who was as if running away from home while finding his fortune in Kuala Lumpur. Like me, he was restricted much by his parents. 

I feel that parents should give their young adult children more space for themselves in order to find out their identities, as they are about to enter a sick society. If the children knows what they want to do for a living, then they are able to plan their future well according to what they want, even if they become like 50 Cent

Besides, if you tend to play God and continue to control their lives, one day your children will HATE you for it. You will be putting your golden age under stake, for if they can't forgive what you did as you made them missed many opportunities outside there for so many times, they will look at you as their extra burden even though you contributed to their growth a lot. 

In this 10 months period of leaving Tawau, I know that I might lose contact with junior people like Elaine and Rebecca. One will be entering PLKN, while another is waiting for a ticket to tertiary education. Plus, they will be leaving this place too. I got a feeling they will be studying in Sabah, right? 

I'm so glad that I met these ex-schoolmates here during the break: 

Lee Guojun
Teo Kai Peng
Yee Tsemin
Ho Vui Chung
Angela Tay
Mason Hiew
Charlie Hii
Lee Mei Chi
Sun Tjet
Bee Gek
Lim Siau Yik
Jonathan Lo
Chen Yee
Kwan Shang Zu 

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e l a i n e said...

studying in sabah...haha...usually guys' 6th sense will wrong de wo...jz jk

Victor Tan said...

lol....maybe my 6th sense signal ageing a bit eh xD 21 yrs old wei, old laa....haha...