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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bejeweled Blitz On Facebook :)

Mafia Wars is my current favourite Facebook game at the moment, but it lacks something - the game only involves clicking! You'll only click without feeling the fun when you play a job, fight someone, making attempts to get a bounty, etc. 

So, whenever I spent all my jobs and stamina in MW, I leave the app and check my friends' status before I head myself into Bejeweled Blitz! Well, Bejeweled Blitz is a game where you were given a set of "jewels" in different colours and shapes and you have to arrange them into 3 in a row/column in order to get points. There many other similar games like this in Facebook, but I prefer BB because it has a time duration of 1 minute, making it competitive and thrilling! 

The ways on scoring. 

Anyway, I began playing this during the last semester of FICM, where most of my coursemates competed against each other to be the top on the scoreboard. And I can say, the best ones were Isabelle, Anna Tai and Christine. Mindy is also another great performer in the game,too. 

What amazes me is these bunch of elites are always in top shape every time when the scoreboard is reset. Some can even reach 500K, all just within 1 minute. The best I can only perform is 280K, sadly. 

By the way, I also realized that is the girls who always top my scoreboard. There is one even reached 600-freaking Ks and I was really flabbergasted with her results. 

Anyway, my tips to score high in this game:

1. Firstly, you need good scanning reflexes. The jewels can be very confusing if they are stacked together. So, do a few warmups before attempting to break the record. 

2. Second, you need the essence of luck. You need to score more 4-in-a-rows and Ts or Ls. 

And do remember....

3. Decision-making is also vital, specially if you have to make your move within a split second. That will also affect your final score. You'll understand when you play it. 


4. To the girls, you got advantage on this. Make sure that your profile picture is appealing enough to distract your male rivals :) Same goes to the boys, take gorgeous photos :) Distraction is one of the keys to win your opponents in the scoreboard. 

Recommending you guys to try this game :) It'll be better if your friends are in it, so that there will be fun competitions in it. 

P.S - Congrats to Lance Bong and May as they are now dating! xD Saw that in Facebook. 

Who will be joining the LG Chocolate contest, by the way? 

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