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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Daily Life of A Complainer.

They say society is sick. One of the reasons is crystal clear: People love to complain. As I observed the people around me, they complain not just because something goes wrong. 

And thus, I created a fictional character to sum them up. 

The chronicles of a complainer in a weekday, all in dialogues, (in this fictional scenario: the complainer is a 25 year old employed man.) Vulgarities may appear ahead, viewers discretion are advised

As he wakes up:
"Shit! WTF la, need to work. The same work, same boss, same salary, din change."

As he drives to his office @ 6am:
"MCB! Traffic jam! Faster la you stupid turtles."
"Diu la. Overtake and hon me for what?" *Hon the fella back* 
"Oi! Green light la, apek!" *hon hon*

As he reaches his office:
"What the hell la! New tasks again? FML, I hate my job!" 
"What kind of decision is that? Crap idea!" 
"This Amy ah. Want to backstab me ah?"

After 4 hours of work, he took a rest.

When he reads the news of the day:
"WTF la! Condom price up again ah? How to enjoy safe sex?" 
"Aiyo! Sugar naik harga. How to cari makan? Government's brilliant plan again la!"
"1Malaysia? Who cares ohh!"
"Stupid robbers. Rob banks also dunno. Die on the spot only."
"Terrorists again! Only know how to terror us only" 

Sports news?
"WTF? Liverpool lost again ah! Torres cannot play better ah?"
"CHELSEA! Why lost to some noob team?"

Entertainment news and songs?
"Aiya! Why this artist go date this kind of girl?"
"What kind of stupid song is that? This band sucks!"
"Sing so bad one horr, why become artist?"

"Kee xiao la the food. Not so nice one. 
"Why the seat so feakin' dirty?"
"No air cond one ohhhh, sial!" 

Another 5 hours of working, and he's done for the day. 

As he return home, he faced the same traffic jam.
And when he returns, he surfs the Internet. 
"Si beh du lan ahhh!!!! Internet slow! Screw you, Internet!" 
"WTH! Download damn slow"
"LAG!!!!!! Do something la government!" 

Surfing Youtube...
*spamming like a troll*
"Your vid sucks la!"
"Screw you! Wasting my 5 mins only"

With the bills on his table
"Aiyo! Tax ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Pokai ah!" 

Going to the streets?
"Idiot people! Design stupid stuffs just to be shown to the public?
"Why One Utama is so dammmmnnnnnn big ohhh! Cannot walk finish AHHHHHH"
"The lights so dark here one ohhh. How to see?"
"Dumb la that fella. Dress like that show people ahh." 

And last but not least, when he sleeps.
"Shit la the pillow. Why so damn hard?"
"Why I can't sleep for tomorrow? Sial..."

And this is his complains highlighted in a random weekday. 

Back to this scenario. This bunch of people, they not only complain because something is so wrong, as you can see that. To the things that don't affect them real much, they complain to show their sense of intelligence. In other words, they want to seek attention from other people. 

Every time I faced this bunch of people who complains things that doesn't affect them a lot (e.g. other people's fashion style/ entertainment gossips/ political heat/ some other issues that don't matter on them ), I tend to feel a lil' bit of annoyed. If you complain, why not give some rational suggestions to curb the problem?

Complaining doesn't change things, and you will not learn anything from it either. It only just shows human ignorance. If you want to complain, do it constructively. Otherwise, people may just think that you're just another attention seeker. At the same time, cherish yourself and appreciate whatever you have, rather than judging others and critic them irrationally.  


kenwooi said...

haha.. funy complains..
oh well, we all complain once in a while.. or maybe always.. =P

Mink Lee said...

you always complain Victor ;))

Ghosty Nana said...

Too much complains definitely make the day bad.
If able to turn all complain into gratitude, thats the hard thing.
I do complain when it is too unbearable. Certainly make my mood lighter after complain. :P