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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nuffnang Contest: LG Chocolate - Why I Like It Longer?

Well, since Nuffnang launches such a great contest with a great chance to own a state-of-the-art touch phone, the LG Chocolate BL40, why not I give it a try? 

And yes, this one, when compared to the recent price phone of Nuffnang, the Samsung Corby, it's  L  O  N  G  E  R  instead of being  w  i  d  e  r. And yes, being longer means a lot of things!

Being Longer means....more convenience!

With the LG Chocolate being longer, it does give people a great impression that this supermodel is going to give a lot of comfort and functions to its owners. 

It's going to accomodate more apps and functions, and oh! Not forgetting a more convenient web browsing experience if you go online with this gadget! 

Yes, with this babe, I can view my best friends' blogs EVERYWHERE without complaining that the screen is freaking small

Viewing photos, messages and movies will be more lively, specially if you view it landscape. 

Being Longer also means....more longevity!

In conjunction with LG's slogan, "Life's Good", I got a feeling that LG's gonna give more in this phone. Well, in order to have a good life, you need to have a long life! Agree? 
And yes, this concept surely symbolizes what a good and long life should contain - lots of experiences, knowledge and wisdom

Recreated for the contest. Not an ad. 

And I bet Feng Shui masters like Lillian Too will recommend such a phone as Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Who knows if I own this "long" phone, I will have a   l   o   n   g   e   r   life!

Good inspirations to celebrate and welcome the Tiger year, huh? :) 

Being Longer, too, means more memories to recall. 

Phones nowadays are not just for communication, they are more like people's diaries and a form of storing memories, as modern phones nowadays are fitted with image and video capturing devices, a.k.a. cameras. Well, with the LG Chocolate's HD widescreen, viewing photos will be a more remarkable experience, specially when you want to reflect to the happy times with your friends, relatives or family! 

And yes, I do miss my wonderful times with friends. Obviously, you need a larger screen to reflect back to the moments, right! Well, 4 inches is more than enough! xD 

Last but not least
Being Longer, means more attention!

Recreated for the contest. Not an ad. 

Well, even Lady Gaga says it so. So guys, be sure you get one of those for the ladies' attention! Like the saying "Silver is the new gold", being long is the new "big"! Well, LG Chocolate is designed to be longer for one great reason - appeal!!! Definitely, this supermodel phone is going to be more than just a technological disco stick! 

Same goes out to the ladies! 

Anyway, it's today's trend and yes! I like it to be longer! 

Conclusion - Let's just face it. Long is the new "big"! And that's why I like it   L  O  N  G  E  R  ! ! !  Being long means new trend, new appeal, and more longevity!  

P.SRemember, don't plagiarize others' ideas people! If you want to win a contest, do win it with ethics :) Yes, the proud way of winning. Photos are accredited from various searches, particularly from Google Images! Videos from Youtube. "Ads" were done with Adobe Photoshop CS3 + a little bit of my advertising mix from my mind. 

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