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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally Entered Mafia Wars: Bangkok!

via Snipping Tool

After months anticipating the Bangkok version of the game, I'm finally being allowed into the Beta version of it yesterday. 

There are 3 ways to get the passport. 

1. Find the clerk: Once you opt to go for this, you have to pray for the chance that you are allowed to go in. It will be frustrating if you need to wait for another 20 hours to enter Bangkok. 

2. Bribe the clerk: You need Godfather points in order to enter. It's a lot. I forgot the amount, sorry. 

3. Ask a friend: You send a Facebook post so that one of your Mafia friends allow you in. 

And thanks, Cheong for letting me into the new MW mode. I chose the 3rd option.

This new game has a similar system to the Russian mode, where you will choose a side (Triad vs. Yakuza). Your Business system here is also similar to the ones in Cuba and Russia. The Fight mode is currently under development, so if you're in the Beta version, do focus on the jobs. 

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