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Friday, January 15, 2010

Spirituality Is Real


Don't worry. I'm not a ghost yet. I just make this photo to look as if my "spirit" is detected by some paranormal electromagnetic device. Shutter speed: 8 seconds, edited with picture noise, B&W. That is how you make this out of a blur photo :)

Oh ya, make sure your camera is fitted into something stable like a tripod in order to achieve this. You need a clear background, otherwise everything will be blur. Viewer's discretion is advised, as this post is about supernatural stuffs. 

My parents returned home 2 days ago with lots of humours and stories to tell during their 3 weeks stay in the National Heart Institute

And a bizarre thing happened in one of the stories. 

It started out something like this. I was told that moments just before my dad entered bypass operation, he claimed he saw his old relatives that had passed away, asking him to join them. But thank God he eventually went through the operation successfully. 

And that's not enough, the other 2 patients that were warded with him also faced the same thing. One of them saw some visions that he was talking to Dad and his own wife, and after he looked away, both of them disappeared. My late grandfather, who left this world peacefully 6 years ago, also claimed to face such supernatural stuffs. There was once when he told Mum that he saw a child in the ward room, but there were only 2 person in the room at that moment - he himself and Mum. 

In National Service, I even knew somebody from KL who is able to see spirits around the camp areas. 

Some may say it's only hallucination. Some may argue that it's something else. According to a pastor, she said that these people were having near death experience (NDE) - a realm between the living and the dead. If you are weak in spirit, then you'll be joining the dead.

I believe that life is more than just being born, growing up, graduate from education, earning a living, and have children. If the supernatural realms are real, then it will affect your viewpoints about life tremendously. 

Today, most of our views of life are distorted by the media and the society, making us to only think about achieving materialistic success. What if you achieve your goals? Do you feel worth it? Do you think that there's something more significant? 

You may not believe in this "paranormal" event. Of course, there is no scientific proof that spirituality is real. The best evidence is when you yourself feel it. We are still young, thus we still need to seek more understandings of life. 


diDEN™ said...

oh... u remind me again.. whit my first time using adobe after effect... hehe anyway its cool..
hey, are u been invited too at smsung corby?

Victor Tan said...

Diden - I did not join the Corby contest. First of all, I'm not at KL and I stay here (Tawau. Sabah) until March. Secondly, I already owned a Yellow Corby xD

If you're at the carnival, help me say Hi to my friend Cayenne Lim :)

Victor Tan said...

by the way, I used Photoshop to edit this. I purposely took a blur photo by using a slow shutter on my cam. :)

Kyuubi_85 said...

is that real? it is scary..
a friend of mine told me if you go follow that death person, you will really die.. i dont know..

read this.. Perlukah word verification bila nka komen?

Victor Tan said...

That will happen if your spirit is weak. I'm scared as well. Though many of us never encounter with ghost. I still believe these happens. Plus, I heard of many stories of church workers dealing with cases of exorcism and spirit possession. Behind this world we're seeing, lies another dimension we can't see.