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Monday, January 4, 2010

Crime and Punishment

Apparently, 1st constructed post is about LIFE :) 

One of the reasons why you would feel that the society is sick is about people's dealing with crime and punishment, which also makes you feel that the world is unfair. 

Let me give you a few examples:

During my PLKN days, I remembered a fight broke out in Delta Block, involving a Malay and a Chinese. It suddenly happened as the Malay attacked the Chinese, while the Chinese only just defended himself. However, both the aggressor and the victim were PUNISHED. The victim is only defending himself. Things might get worse if he suffered major injuries or even death. 

*not racist, okay*

Another one was a major burglary that happened in my previous college. Well, it involves both the boys' blocks, where people began losing mobile phones and money for the final 2 weeks of the final semester. During the last week, there were even 4 laptops being stolen due to forced break-ins. A group of students apparently identified the real thieves, but the night before everyone left the dorm, the warden went to the room of the thieves and ask them to leave early, as a fight would broke out after the exam. (If you say that this is to avoid further conflicts, why not place yourself in the victims' shoes first?) 

I recalled the issue of people (in this case, women) who travel alone and being accused for drug trafficking though she's innocent.   

Well, I can tell you more examples of injustice, but do you see a pattern there?

Usually, people who makes the first move will tend to run away with it, while the victims are condemned, though they are innocent. Our crime and punishment institutions (around the world) are still naive. If you say that the law is completely fair and just, then answer these questions I'll throw at you:

1. In August and Sept. 1945, America dropped 2 atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in an attempt to force Imperial Japan to surrender. And history had shown that the war officially ended with the cost of hundreds of thousands of people. Well, would it be fair to those who were living there? Would it be fair to those who were terrible affected by the A-bomb (killed or severely injured/mutated)? Morality said that it's teleologically correct, but does that mean there's justice there?

2. Thieves break into your house without you noticing it. You locked all your doors after you left. But still, they are able to break in your house, stealing whatever is valuable to them. By the time you call the cops, they  abandon the search of the culprits and blame it on your carelessness. Is that fair? 

3. You see cases such as O.J Simpson and even some conspiracy stories, where you heard of "guilty" people escaped from punishment. How would you feel if you are on the victims' side? 

I type this out of reflection so that you readers can digest and reflect them for yourselves, specially to the truthseekers out there. 


me2baby said...

Well said :)

Alpha Ace said...

wait till the wrath of God~!!!
for He had mercy and watchful to all who boastful
and blessed during their evil time. Things all happens for a reason. For He know that this world deserves a second chance for them to change and for us to forgive as He had forgiven us.

The day is near, their short life is 120yrs max. When they being punish it is for 120 x 120,000,000 yrs.(eternity)

So, shall good men patience and blessing after life in Heaven with Jesus would be eternity as well.

Victor Tan said...

me2baby - Thanks :)

AlphaAce - Yes, Christ be with us. They all should realise that this world is just temporary, so what's the use of complicating life and causing conflicts?