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Saturday, January 9, 2010

We're Actually On Common Grounds, Why Still Fight?

You know about the recent headlines of Malaysia's newspapers nowadays - Three churches had been submerged into arson in the Klang Valley. And that caused an outrage among the people in this country of mine.

Yes, I am a Christian and a Malaysian, and sadly speaking, I felt affected by it and I am U.P.S.E.T. and sceptical as these events of infamy happened at the same time where the "Allah" issue was reheated around the news.

I won't comment much on the arson, but I want to speak something out important.

Regardless any religion, we do have a common ground. It's just that we have a lot of differences, and thus our views on others' religions are distorted, and filled with sectarian misjudgements. Most of us don't even fully understand our own religion. I quoted Noreagaa's words on these:

"It's easy to unite against others, but can you find it easy within yourselves to unite among yourselves?"
Note: Noreagaa is the founder of the Wake Up Project and producer of the infamous "The Arrivals" series in Youtube - a 50 episode series (each of them 10 mins long) composed to forewarn Christians, Muslims and Jews about the coming of the Anti-Christ/ Dajjal.

We both have declared that the Prophet Isa p.b.u.h./ Lord Jesus respectively as our Messiah, we have the same story of the Apocalypse, with the same enemy to face - the AntiChrist/ Dajjal. Why are we divided among each other? Why we still fight though we know we have a common ground?

WAKE UP! We have a spiritual war to fight against the evil ones. 


[z@ck] said...

I'm quite upset with the news.I'm a muslim and in Islam, we don't teach ppl to be cruel against other religions.What the hell are they thinking when making such decision?

Seems like 1 Malaysia is coming to the end.

jfook said...

Sad to hear about this news. :(