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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Decisions and Destiny

This is a post of pure words, and it's the continuation of this old blog post of mine in  

If you do view the old post, I typed that out when I was deciding my elective course subject way back Foundation in Communication (FICM) course. However, it ended with a compulsory college decision for us to take Economics, which was to me a very interesting and useful subject in order to understand how the world goes. Plus, Mr. Boon was the lecturer suitable for that subject. 

Today, the decision is harder - The choice of spending the February staying here for Chinese New Year gatherings and open houses - our 5 Berlian 2006 tradition which I'd followed since 2005, as well as visiting old friends from other class groups (both juniors and seniors alike)....

Taken during CNY 2008 in Pang Yih Fui's house, from Cayenne's old Picasa album :) 


Following the elder relative group to visit Melbourne and Sydney. Yes, I will be travelling to Melbourne first with people in their 50s, 60s and 70s as my family can't go along, and certainly we younger people will have conflict with them in terms of stamina and food
But in Sydney, things will surely get better with my beautiful cousin Melissa. :) 

It's been already 1 year after I saw her in Sunway Pyramid. Of course, I can't wait to see her again. The last time we met in Tawau made me felt that I had a girlfriend already, haha... Anyway, we both are still single to this present time. Oh ya, she'll be my model if I do photoshooting there. 

It's still a hard decision to make. It's harder than choosing Econs or Stats, taking up CMM or Journalism, and choosing my first path in the tertiary level in 2007 (which I regret now). Info - Taylor's wasn't my first path, as I chose Matrics, which I really regretted taking it

Why? If I go Australia, yes, I can go for the beautiful landscape in one of the places that I wanted to visit for a long time, but I will sacrifice a moment that traditionally enriches me with joy and comfort - specially during Chinese New Year. Who knows, the Australian posts will increase blog traffic? :) However, it will cost us thousands of ringgit as 1 Australian $$ costs RM 3 in exchange, while I will gain more cash in the form of angpaus here. 

If I stay here for Chinese New Year, even though I will feel embraced by the love and comfort of old friends, I feel that I will be wasting an opportunity of my entire life. People like Michelle Lau, Kai Chin and recently, Elaine had been travelling to places outside Malaysia. I'm slightly kiasu in terms of attitudes, you see. (Please help them increase their blog traffics at the same time, haha....) 

The TARCians old friends like Khoo CY, Tony and Eevee Shim are not affected by the decision, as I can still see them. But surely I will miss designer and newbie blogging celebrity - Cayenne Lim, the doctor apprentice - Hui Hwa, Fadhlan, Mason, Liau, Fang Yee and others, just to name a few. 

But this time, there are a lot of friends who are not back too - like Teo KP, Guojun, Yee Tsemin and so on. 

I'm still under this headache. There are 2 weeks more to February 8. And indeed, it's truly confusing. 

This time, it's more about decisions, you choose what story you want to live. It's confusing. 

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