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Monday, January 18, 2010

Things Will Be Brighter Within The Next 3 Weeks

The decision has been made and sadly, the trip to Australia has been delayed

But I'll rejoice that I'm able to celebrate CNY here :) 

Meaning, I can see Fadhlan, Cayenne, Kah Kee, Hui Hwa, and many more before leaving back for KL in Feb 21. Then I'll be waiting for 11 more days for the new semester. 

It's just a short update, though. This has been an unproductive holiday. Sigh. 


Anonymous said...

@Victor Tan Background music is a big mess in a blog :) so if I were you I wouldn't put some of it in my blog... well maybe I will put but not to make it in auto play because it makes your blog loads very very long time XD

this is just a reply on your question in my blog :)

Victor Tan said...

terima kasih for dropping by :)