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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Editing Pictures Are Piled Up!

Miss Natasha's class was interesting and captivating. I admitted that I was copying some stuffs for my POJ assignment at the beginning of her speech, and later I was inspired by other students' answers to her first challenge: Why are you here?

There will be so many pictures in my SanDisk to be edited. I had took the scenery of the inner gardens of Suriamas, as well as some pictures outside the condominium. I could just post them up simply, but the editing part is vital to give the photos an "urmmpphhhh" taste.

And gosh! Assignments are tipping me off and there's no sufficient time for me to edit stuffs.

Before I post a few of today's picture on Tawau (my hometown), allow me to clarify myself about my ethics in portrait-shooting, so that there's no misunderstanding happening:

If I take a photo of you in a candid mode, I will inform you that I had took a photo of you and I will ask permission of you to continue my editing process. For now I don't have any qualifications to be a professional photographer, and for this I am not making money, as I treat digital photography as a new hobby, and I want to improve in this field.

The reason why I do this is to ensure the person to be comfortable with my hobby. Some have bad impression of photography and they look at it as a threat. But it isn't if there's trust embedded within it.

I talked to this with a friend who has a same hobby with me, and both of us agreed that it takes more courage to shoot and edit quality portraits, as landscape backgrounds will not misunderstand you for posting their pictures up. As long as there's human in the background, courage is needed. But don't simply misuse it lah.

These are some of the pixelated tastes of Tawau, by the way:

I took this photo one day before I left Tawau. This is around Taman Bintang in a Toyota Fortuner (Dad's car).

THIS IS THE MAIN PHOTO IN MY TITLE :) And to me, the best photo I'd ever took.

This is somewhere near Jalan Chong Thein Vun. And right in front of the shop is a restaurant named Nostalgia. The interiors are almost similar to the ones you see in Old Town. Food there was delicious, and by the way, I did my facial somewhere near there :)

Taman Bintang's Swan Cake House at 6 am. Opposite the residence is Jalan Apas, where there's Tawau's popular you zha gui, a common food for the Chinese Hakka community. Mum said that the best Soto Ayam is there, too!

(Sorry about the labels, imperfect). Holy Trinity Church for those with Roman Catholic faith. I missed St. Patrick's Anglican Church, and I could have used the Thursday's morning to camwhore the whole building 2 weeks ago.

Travelling the road @ 70 kph to Hotel Emas via the short cut through Jalan Belunu at 6pm. Don't worry. If driving with your phone on your right hand is a serious traffic offence, then holding a DSLR cam while driving means worse offence. And for that reason, Dad's driving, and Mum's observing.

Taken in March 2009- the first days I met my D80. The main traffic light junction of Tawau. From the view, the road to the front is Jalan Kuhara. Turn right and you'll be going to Jalan Belunu, turn left for Jalan Apas, a long road to travel if you want to visit Sandakan, Semporna, Lahad Datu, Kota Kinabalu, etc.

There are many more Tawau pictures that I will share, but it's currently 2 am, so I wanna sleep. I missed 3 large jigsaw puzzles for the Tawau picture campaign during my FICM final sem break - St. Patrick's Anglican Church and House of Prayer, St. Patrick's High School and the town of Tawau.

Who's going for Orientation Night, by the way?


Cayenne said...

hey, i never realize tawau is that beautiful until i saw the pictures you'd snapped. yeah. i love your header. it's really one of the best piece. keep it up! i'm sure one day u'll be a really professional photographer.

Victor Tan said...

Thanks xD I still wanna improve more. I know the pics here are still not-so-decent. I can't wait to go back and do another series of shootings there again.