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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic

Day 1 of the H1N1 "confinement" for the SOC students has already made me a lil sad, especially when it comes to communicating someone from Tawau besides my mum. Good luck, Elaine. Don't be a lazy bump and follow my advice okay? It's proven xD and I got 7As

I considered today as my resting day, as I did not begin touching the other assignments. 

Since this morning, I suddenly became nostalgic

I missed the Chinese New Year reunion. It was a very fun week spending the days with the other ex-schoolmates. 

I remembered taking some photos with my SE K530i phone which was not impressive at all. I could have borrowed my father's Panasonic Lumix cam for the open houses. haha.....

Here are some reminiscence, to my fellow 2006 St. Patrick graduates

Comment: Miss YSS was the teacher whom I was most afraid of during my Form 4-5 days when I was under her Chemistry course. But that fear later disappeared as I began to know her more. :) 

CNY pictures in random timeframe order through the lens of my K530i. Gosh! I never knew I would have a Nikon D80 after that. 

I already heard voices regarding next year's CNY plans. I hope it will be another exciting and memorable week of happiness before I return here for my 2nd semester. 

It's truly nostalgic. 

By the way, I once thought of returning to SMSP for some photoshooting sessions. I wanted to write an article for the school's 2010 magazine. If any of you ex St. Patrick members are in Tawau this November-December period, please inform me. 

And to those who are in their final year of SMSP now, would you send me some testimonials of St. Patrick? Thanks. 


Lan said...

err victor , whats with my "that" photo ??!

Victor Tan said...

I tell u I wun delete de larr tht time....u look so hot in that photo xD. Promoting u la...haha...

Next yr be ready to be featured in my Nikon ah :P U go pose with ur Jeep ah.