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Friday, August 21, 2009

"Borrow The Past, Invite The Future"

This is one famous tense used and it impacts my mind a lot.

Well, how am I going to use this phase for this post?

Anyway, do you like facing "NOW"?

You may see my recent "favourite" phase around Twitter, Facebook and even here. Yeah! The phase "Now is definitely now". It means, this is NOW, face it.

And when you are in this NOW-Ness, you are engaged in a situation - an agreement within human communication, and the compromising rendezvous of human behaviours within that environment.

And right behind that, comes a set of rules or norms you have to abide.

Obviously, in a situation, you may either be neutral, advantageous, or disadvantageous.

What if you are in a disadvantage position, what if the unspoken rules around that situation are threathening you?

How will you deal with it? Will you retaliate? Or you just walk across it?

We are all trying to wake ourselves up, telling that we are facing NOW. And as we are trying to experience NOW, comes many stuffs that makes us feel threathened and unconfident about what we are feeling about NOW, specially when we are under the disadvantage point.

And thus, some of us choose not to face the fact. Instead, we borrow the past, and invite the future.

We choose to remember the happy times yesterday, and hope things will change tommorow. And it's an ongoing process. It continues, until your end of days.

This is life.

This is real life.

P.S - I hope you understand what I'm typing. But sorry, for this is one random post from me. Currently doing CRR, and the summary is actually harder than what Ms. Natasha said.

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