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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cash Flow: Your Real Life, All Symbolized Under One Board Game

You were pampered, you were being to school, you graduated from college, got your first degree and BOOM! Welcome to the real world.

There are so many choices ahead, but little do the education system teaches you what you really want to be. As a result, you go ahead with the flow and get a job. You earned a living, and yet, your savings grow slowly. You'd been wondering, why some people are able to make a breakthrough to be rich.

Robert Kiyosaki had an answer. And he wrote many books to explain about the choices.

One of them is "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".

But first, allow me to introduce the board game which I'd played this Sunday.

I played this board game which is called "Cash Flow" in Jalan Maharajalela with a group of friends. (Mind the liquidfy effects, just testing xD)

As you see the picture, the board resembles a monopoly-like platform. However, you are to play in 2 different level. One being the "Rat Race" circle where the game begins, while the second one being the "Dream" round. Whoever had enough passive income over his/her expenses will proceed to the outer circle and the game ends when the player reaches the dream.

Every player was given a rat mark and a "cheese". We are told to put our "cheese" on our desired goal in the outer circle. I choosed the dream of charity.

And next we were given cards to pick from. Here, every card resembles the player's chosen occupation with the chosen expenses and incomes he/she has in the game. I got the card that gives me the job of an Architect. I had high income, but at the same time, dealing with high expenses.

The game began with the Rat Race. You will proceed through possibilities of liability problems, opportunity and misfortunes. To increase difficulty, there are slots for players to lose 2 rounds (if unlucky), a "chance" for players to had their expenses increased when they got "children".

The game continued for 2 hours, and Cheong Xiao Tim can be considered the winner as he exited the Rat Race first.

As for me, I only managed to turn my beginning $ 4190 to $ 16000+ and yet I still stuck in the Rat Race.

Now, to explain the game, watch this clip.

Ever since I read some bits of his book, I began to have a different understanding about this world. Going to college is nothing wrong, it's one of the choices to be successful in life. Nevertheless, being employed means that there's something else bigger required to live a better life.

The board game also made me think twice about assets and liabilties

Currently thinking of investing in 1Malaysia right now by the way. I am 20 years old and it's time for me to start generating incomes.

Cash Flow basically tells you the importance of investing. If you want to learn more about the game and Robert's other ideas, just click here.

I recommend this game for everyone who wishes to learn how to manage his/her money better. It's truly a game of life where everyone learns the right stuffs.

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