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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Speedlight! xD

If only it arrives last week, last week's photos would be a lil more different, perhaps for the better :)

Well, my uncle recommended me to use external flash for my future photographs. It's very useful, especially if you want the light to go according to your desire. And this week, I received one.

This is a Nissin Di622 external flash. You won't expect much from it when it is compared to a Nikkor Speedlight. But I won't be using it a lot.

Oh yeah, I did tried out the flash today.

Taken by Qi Kit after POJ class using the flash diffuser and bouncer, edited by me.
Model: Aaron :)

My first photo using the Nissin flash. Taken during lunch with Minh.

Right....back to academics:

The deadlines:

POJ: Essay - AUG 28
Presentation - AUG 24

CSS: Journals - Week 4 (not sure)

CRR: Summary - AUG 24

Effective Comm - I dunno, I din take the subject

PR1 - SEPT 1


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