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Monday, August 24, 2009

H1N1 Blues With Some Inquiries Within

PETALING JAYA - 3 students and 1 lecturer were tested Influenza A(H1N1) positive in a college here. 


This is not The Star, NST, or whatsoever news ah! I'm just trying out lead (intro) writing in news reporting. :) 

And yes, we're having a 1 week "holiday" beginning today! Some of you might say that it's a quarantine. 

But to me, it's an opportunity to chase over our assignments. I had recently submitted my CRR summary this morning (1 am) and after that being altruistic towards others who are rushing against the deadline. I hope everyone submitted their summaries by now. 

I hope the victims can survive this scary outbreak. H1N1 had killed 70 people here for now. So, seriously, to the other students, wherever you're from, do wear an appropriate face mask and bring your hand sanitizers around. And please! Do practice social distancing

On the other hand, Mr. Chandra shared to us today that may shackle my decision to enter the newsroom for a journalists' career. Like the airport control tower, the newsroom is a very busy place, where people gather, edit and publish news on a very daily basis. Of course, stakes are very high in that office environment as newspapers nationwide are competing for sales and circulations day by day and they don't want to lose out. 

It's really a stressful place. I don't want to work in such environments. I really have to do something to prevent myself from going there. I must do something, and I wanted to have financial freedom and no time constraint in my future. 

He told us some experiences of a reporter: 

"You have to cover an event and it will go up to 12 hours non-stop."

"Like the Anti-ISA rally. You have to cover it up from the beginning, till the police comes, the tear gases, the riots, UNTIL it's all over." 

"For example, you have to cover an accident. You must interview everyone significant, witness the whole thing until everything's over."

"The worse case is when you are reporting from the court. You'll be hearing whatever people interact in the court FOR THE WHOLE SESSION." 

I know that sounds very sien. I mean the court case larr.... 

"Sometimes you need to be in a police operation. The officer may say, "we will hide here, and then we ambush". But sometimes, nothing happen."

And this one is a pain on my ass....

"Photographers, they must have great techniques to shoot photos, especially in court. Let's just say that a suspect was convicted of rape and murder and you shoot your camera directly at his face and he suddenly fight you back." 

"Even you got a telescopic lens, your shots will not be very nice." 

Tell you what, one of the sidearm reasons I take Journalism is to enter the education field. I did thought of being an English lecturer, but first I have to be a teacher. I teach, and I will carry on a Master's Degree and later on a PhD. It's not stressful as what's in the newsroom, but the stakes remain. 

P.S - I know for 4 consecutive posts, there are no photos. Since the "holidays" are here, be ready for new posts with lots of photos. xD Stay tuned :) 


Lan said...

man , ur gaining weight arent u , from head to neck its a straight line man

Victor Tan said...

Oiyoo...dun say like that ma...FADHLAN OWHHHH

Xiaotim said...

correction : current news said that its reported 69 dead cases due to H1N1....

haha.... u should see my pic at facebook... those pic shows how KL-ians do when ISA protess is on going....