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Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Blog Seriously Needs New Layout

I hope you are still fascinated with Cash Flow. It's truly a significant game for all.

Just to murmur out some of my thoughts, as suggested by the topic.

I'd been thinking a lot to "upgrade" this blog's layout. I went across many sites such as blogskin and pyzam, but none of them impressed me much.

I am thinking of an ideal photo blog layout. Can anyone suggest something for me?

But that doesn't mean this page will be a 100% photo blog. I'm not even ready for one. The Orientation Night photos had demoralized me a bit. Let me recover from them okay? :)

Oh yeah, I will be shifting my Picasa album to Photobucket. Just made an account there.

And it will take more time to update this blog. Even my photographer role model, Louis Pang, updates his blog in a mediocre rate.

Can't wait to see KHH, Cayenne, Tim, Fang Yee and some others tomorrow. Ice skating, I'd learned my lessons.

"Victor, be reminded that you need plenty of tissues and thick socks tomorrow. Remember that freakin' blister you got during your previous ice-skating game?"

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