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Friday, August 7, 2009

Orientation Night Aug 2009 | Back to School

I would like to say that I am proud with my first time night shooting skills.Thank you to that someone who taught me about night shooting and the emphasis on flashs and white balance. My problem is still - moving objects at night.

Orientation Night was such an anti-climax to me, because:
1. There aren't many coursemates appeared as expected. Of course, you can't blame them for not going. I only saw a number of them around the LCS courtyard. The Foundation gang (I mean Aaron, Imran, Amirul, etc.) are somewhere there, but I heard that they were at the upper gardens before they showed up on the dance floor. Altogether I saw Minh, Connie, Mei Fong and May Ng (whom I went with to LCS).

Special thanks for May and her parents for taking me to college. I really appreciate it a lot.

2. Food is not as delicious as it should be. No offence lah, the fried rice is spicy and it's not fresh.

3. I don't think I covered up a lot of stuffs in O.N. 09 like what Kenny Sia and Jun Jun- Riko (Lan Jie Jun) did in events they went such as their Hennessy Artistry experience. Now here, you already see another disclaimer xD.

May and I arrived at Taylor's LCS campus around 7.20 p.m. where the party just began to blast out. Attempting to find the rest of the coursemates, we bumped into Minh and the usually-hyperactive-and-overexcited Teoh. As for Mr. Teoh, his orientation night this year is glorious than what he did last year, because this time, he won a lot of prizes.

Here's some pictures before the event begins:

And during the dinner. We could have eat faster, you know...
Captions: This picture, though edited, shows how much flaws the colours
contained when you captured it with your flash and "White Balance" on.

The event kick started with a group dance performance and an acoustic piano-violin play of Taylor Swift's "Love Story".

Game time:

The first host then introduce a funny game, where participants have to suck baby bottles that contained Coca Cola in it. And the one who suck the entire cola first wins. To make it more interesting, 4 males and 4 females were selected for the battle, the if one of the boys drank all the colas first, the boys will win!

And then everyone went "Suck it! Suck it!" Duh!
Girl power!

Using gravity as an ally to win.

Teoh and another fella (who won the 2nd round). I missed his victory pose.

Final round Duke It Out.

The first round was won by the girls. And one of the hosts commented
"This shows that girls are better in sucking!"

Then the dance performances continued. And too bad Aznur wasn't involved in Shuffle dancing in this event.
3 men band singing acoustic version of Rihanna's "Umbrella". Beginning stage.

Dance performance. This group perform 2 themes. The first one being old school, where they mixed the old school songs into one dance hit, while the 2nd theme is to commemorate the King of Pop - Michael Jackson.

"Can we have 1 second of silence for Michael Jackson, please?"

Yep. My favourite MC of all times. In fact, he's last year's orientation night MC too. Well, if you need someone like JJ and Rudy or Ean of Hitz. FM to be your host if you organize a party. Ask him. After the performances, he came in.

I did not witness the Tic Tac Toe event beside the stage, instead, I camwhored some people.

I'd bumped into so many faces.

Tommy - My housemate.
NOTE - I made a mistake on that night when I photoshooted this picture. I forgotten to reduce the light exposure. Crap. The original picture made his face too bright and I have to reduce the brightness.
Syazwan and Isabelle :) My first couple picture seems to turn out good.

Choi Seong Hyeok (left) and his coursemate.

And later on there are more dances.

And there we go.....

People began dancing all around the courtyard. I did dance a bit, but I photographed more. And in the midst of the dance, I bumped into the Foundation coursemates!

From left: Mei Fong, Imran, Amirul's back, Aaron Tan, JQ, Christine

And that is where the camwhore began going wrong. (In fact, from the beginning it already went wrong - ISO too high - noisy picture. And worse, my cam can't autofocus on them.)

Maybe my camera is a "religious" cam and its lens dare not want to autofocus itself to the gang. Hmm....seems like the girls are way too hot, and not to mention the lens could be homosexual, maybe? :P

This is the one of the many burst shots I when my lens were autofocusing on them. Sigh! But, it's a perfect scene xD

JQ clubbing xD Caught in the act, hahahahaaa.......

Some camwhoring did during the dance at the back of the Annex entrance before I found them. This is May and I. It's sweaty for me to carry around a bulky DSLR camera for 4 straight hours.

Met 2 Diploma students at the same time. And co-incidentally, one of them looks almost like Daniel Radcliffe :) Sounded like a genius, by the way. The other one is controlling my cam.

As we left the party around 10.40 pm, Thriller was played for the crowds on the dance floor.

Overall it was fun. But, this post is somehow damn long. It took 1 DAY for me to prepare, edit and construct this post. WOW!!!!!

Time to do CCS journals.....

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