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Sunday, August 23, 2009

People Do Need Emotional Support

"Haiya, emo ppl. Why they are like that? A bit also emo..."

"Cry la! Do I seem to care?"

Have you ever encountered such conversations in your daily lives? For sure, most of you do.

Let's go straightforward to the point as the title suggests.

Of course, God (or mother nature, for freethinkers) made us to be social animals. We are designed to interact with one another, and thus, we're all connected. Agree?

But, then, look at all around us. Are we really that social? (Social as in caring)

Really, you'll be bumping into people who are self-centered, people who only care about their self-interests. For their own will, they are willing to hurt others. Worse, they choose to backstab, hiding their daggers behind their motivated smiles.

The truth is, the world we are living in makes us individualistic. We wanted to care for others, but this environment doesn't encourage us to do so. When we look at a beggar, we may think, either we want to help him as a whole, or just assuming that his "costumes" are just a fraud to make you give.

Same goes to those who feel depressed and hurt.

I am sure that each and everyone of us are designed to have emotions. And thus, everyone wants to express ourselves as accurate as we can. People who listen to rock music that makes them feel the "urmmppphhhh" are actually similar to those who listen to sentimental music. Everyone wants to express themselves better, time by time. Sometimes, they expressed wrongly and that caused miscommunication.

It's pathetic to label others who need emotional support as weak. In fact, no man is an island. It doesn't matter where people seek emotional support from, either from their closest companions, religion, or even going online, people do need emotional support.

I'd went through some blog articles regarding this topic and decided to blog about it. Now, back to business.....

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