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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Random Shootings Of The Holidays || Life Purpose

Well, the holidays are finally over. Once again I'd screwed up my assignment times. It's going to be one rough week. I have to submit CRR's critique for this Thursday, and now I'm just picking my articles? xD

Anyway, 2 days ago, I went to visit a friend in Setapak. He had already moved to another condo, and sadly there's no good sceneries to shoot there. At least I got these:

Image Hosted by
By excalade89

Evening shot of the Petronas Twin Towers from his kitchen (slightly edited). And I can tell you, it's hard to position your cam over the iron grills. Plus, you need steady hands to control a DSLR cam with NO vibration reduction features.

Image Hosted by
By excalade89

If you want me to zoom closer, sorry larr. My cam can only do a 11X zoom only. Find someone with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 for a better zoom, haha....

Image Hosted by
By excalade89

Night scenery :) Still I prefer the condominium photo in the previous post. (ISO: 640) 


I recently read of a blog post about destiny. He totally said that destiny is nonsense as we choose what we want to be. There is a point there. Though I agreed with what he said, I look at destiny from a slightly different angle.

Though we are what we choose to be and what we do, there are still things that we can't control. Let's just say, you choose to work in a company, but you can't choose your work environment and colleagues. We're always being bounded with norms in every situation we are in, like it or not. 

More examples of things that we cannot choose? 

I can choose my closest friends
I can choose my college
I can choose the course I want to study
I can choose my future career
I can choose my future girlfriend and wife.


I cannot choose my name
I cannot choose my biological parents
I cannot choose my hometown
I cannot choose my financial status
I cannot choose how my life goes within the path that I chose

See? We are what we choose, but there are still things we cannot manipulate. 

Anyway, in the choices that we make, we sometimes question ourselves: Why are we taking this path? 

It's because we are seeking for our life purpose

Group 2 CRR coursemates. I hope you still remember about my statement that life begins at 18. Upon graduation, we leave our comfort zone and try to choose our own path. We can actually work full-time after high school graduation. 

Everyone, including us are finding our own identities. We are finding a foundation for ourselves to in order to reach our respective goals. 

As for me, I need to do something within this 3 years of study. I want to reassure myself on which path I want to take. I want to find an identity of my own. I had went through a lot of choices, some I rejected (I gave in Science stream courses) and some I accepted. 

In this tertiary level, it's important for us not to think like a student. A typical student only thinks about studying and aiming the best grades, but thinks not about his/her future. At the end of the day, he/she only be book smart and NOT street smart

So, what is your life purpose? Living a purpose driven life is ambitious and adventurous, but it takes faith and determination to archive the goal. 

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