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Friday, September 4, 2009

Life: What Is It About?

Just by looking at this picture, you'll see people sitting down resting, and you'll see people walking by, heading to their destination. 

The people are the crucial element that makes this photo look more interesting, but sadly they are not united. I did not pay them to pose in the picture either. They are all just doing their own businesses. 

And this is the world right now. People are getting individualistic all the time. It's all about the "me's me" in the society.

As I'm approaching my adulthood, I begin to notice the world in a differently manner. I see things more differently as the environment around me changes. 

Miss Natasha's recent lecture made me think a lot on a topic which I always question myself, "What is actually this world we are living in?"

"Love or money during the last days we live?" 

A simple question, with many perspective. I heard jokes, normal personal opinions from 2 sides (materialism vs spirituality/ emotional support), and even religious based opinions throughout the feedback session. It then silenced me for a while, as I turned to my own self and discuss about life. 

To make this question more interesting, my mind began to review on a recent religion-atheism debate that happened with my friends and the facts of life stated in Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist: Addendum, as well as some of other Ms. Natasha's sharing alone about criticism, adult life and the world culture. 

2 months ago, I encountered a similar question from Bishop Yong Chen Fah during a cell leaders' seminar in St. Patrick's Church. I was just accompanying my mum at that time. 

He asked us this question in Chinese Hakka, "You wanted to seek God's Word and to reject the worldly things. But is earning money important?"

Life is getting more complicating than what we know. To me, things have gone differently ever since you leave high school. It's one whole wide world out there, and it's strange. 

And different people have their own intepretations of the world we are living in, depending on the family, religion, and societal institutions they are in. 

Consider these questions about life:

Why we are in this monetary system? Why are some of us suffering? Why are there rich and poor people? Why we need vocational education? Why we have to work? Why there's religion in this world? Is there truly a God? 

Most importantly - WHY ARE WE HERE RIGHT NOW? 

When we are in the student ages, all we think about is to graduate and to find a job. Now, some of us are already working. And most of the times, people begin to talk about money, thinking about living a prosperous life in the future.  Sooner or later, all of us will be following updates on hard news - when the market price will go down again, when the recession will end, etc. 

Face this fact that our lives are like that, and it's getting more and more complicating. When it comes to life philosophies, nobody knows who is right, and who is wrong. There is a vast uncertainty regarding life itself. We can only argue our own philosophies, or just to agree with an ideology that has a shared meaning with us. 

Still the question remains: What is life?

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