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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Malaysian Formula One Team?

Today is one sien day, of course. Just a 2 hour CCS class. And nothing else....

When I decided to head home, I went into BaliMart for some food. The radio, Hitz. FM reported something that is catchy to my ears. 

"Well, Malaysia is going to have its own Formula One team. This is going to be interesting, and I wonder who will be the drivers for the team? Would it be Alex Yoong?..."

Lol! I felt 1Malaysia is too ambitious. We already have 10 billion units of investing plans and now they are using this brand to form an F1 team? Our PM may say that the sky's the limit, but I believe there are a lot more things to solve within the country financially before putting the brand into a world class motorsports arena, which is unnecessary for the time being. (We already got Petronas in BMW Sauber, not enough ahh??) Recession's not over yet and the economy isn't firm. It's hard to tell when the next crisis will happen. 

It would take hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in the FIA licenses, the technology and researches, the capitals, the drivers and even car itself to survive throughout the first season of Formula One. And when I say "Dollar" I meant it. 

Forget about sponsors and money from Proton, Lotus, AirAsia or whatsoever, the stakes are very high. Well, Lotus can engineer an F1 car, but it doesn't mean they are able to outperform McLaren, Renault and Ferrari. 

But imagine if it happens...

I might have to watch every Formula One race in next year's season. Haha... Hmmmm, if Mika Hakkinen wants to return to Formula One, then the 1Malaysia team may give him a comeback. Like this, my eyes will be focusing on 2 teams: My favourite team, BMW Sauber and the 1Malaysia team. Just don't get the last place in the constructor's championship and I'm happy enough to see a Made-in-Malaysia team in action. 

But, seriously, the govt. should know the limits and the stakes everytime they plan for something ambitious.

UPDATED: This is what Patrick Teoh, a social-political blogger and ex radio DJ has to say about the 1Malaysia Formula One proposal. 

"Actually, our prime ministers all seem to have some grandoise ideas. At least 1 during their reign...I mean term. Mahathir did the Twin Towers, Putrajaya, Multi-media Super Corridor etc. Badawi had his Angkasawan space tourist so now Najib gets a quick start off the block with the Malaysian F1 Team."
Like it or not, Malaysia is evolving! Let's hope Vision 2020 be fulfilled. 11 years more....

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