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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In Between Academic's Version of Heaven and Hell

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By excalade89
Laptop and book courtesy of Minh. 

This is Week 6 of my first UNISA Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) semester. It's been a while, eh? Many things had happened and the first assignments are currently being evaluated. I'd been going through the ups and downs of this period, accepting and trying to adapt to the things today. 

It's been such a great journey to be endeavoured with surprises from new and old friends alike, really :) 

Speaking of assignments, I'm kinda delighted to acknowledge the fact I earned my first Distinction graded performance in my Principles of Journalism (POJ)'s 1st essay. Somehow, it's still pre-moderated. Hopefully, I am able to retain my grades. 

That's heaven to me. Great performance, though it's for the first touch of degree level education. 

However, hell came after an instance. I am now currently under "post-traumatic" emotions. 

BB7 is now like a judgement day medium to us. There's an updated list on who should resubmit their assignments by the end of this week. Yesterday, there were 10. Today, there were 19. And Mr. Ben haven't mark everyone's paper yet. 

Guess what? Amirul, Minh, Teoh and I were asked to resubmit. 

Mr. Ben said that I had the points, but instead of commenting the 2 articles in the Public Relations' viewpoint, I am "reporting" using the viewpoint of a journalist

To those who were asked to redo, here is a clue for you guys:

I was told to restructure everything by adding the term "stakeholder" there. Hope you guys understand what I meant here. 

Though I know where I'm wrong, I'm still being intimidated by the failure. Yeah, I love Formula One (F1). But getting an F1 sucks you know, because it means that you've failed. 

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