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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ex-Classmate Gathering With Michelle, Yen Ching and Yee Kiun @ Sunway Pyramid.

I thought the ice skating with the 4 "Aunties" of 5 Berlian 2006 and Tony was the final gathering of the year as everyone will be moving along their path of destinies. Who knows I found them once again. 

This time I would be meeting 3 old friends...

Left-Above: Liew Yee Kiun. Currently on a journey to be a lawyer in KDU. Don't play play ah xD
Left-Below: Michelle Dieh. Will be returning to United Kingdom.
Right: Cayenne@ Yen Ching. She's with me in most of the old friend's gathering this year :) Interior Architecture student in KBU. 

That picture was a true success of me using my flash's diffuser for the first time in Sunway Pyramid's Marrakesh section. xD

Most of the time we did there were used for camwhoring. Yeah, we'd been shooting a lot of pictures that night, through the lens of 4 cameras: 2 Canon Powershots, a Canon IXUS and my Nikon D80

But eventually, we went for a snooker match around 11pm. It was a mixed doubles match: Me- Michelle Dieh vs. Yee Kiun- Yen Ching. We won! xD 

Here are some final (may need to be improved again) versions done on them. I'm sorry that I had to filter out many photos I took from my camera that day. I made several mistakes on angles and colours that night. Anyway, do enjoy these portraits, kay? :) 

Editor's Comment: I know what's your reaction when you see this. It's blur right? I just make out the best of it, though. 

I might be adding a Part 2 for this post. Sorry, I wasn't able to edit the whole lot of photos taken on that fateful night. And by the way, please don't salah tafsir on the fact that I posted Yen Ching's portraits a lot more when compared to the other 2 girls. I haven't edit the other pictures of Yee Kiun and Michelle yet, including the one with Michelle's favourite "French Fries Man"....hahaa......

Haiz... I wish I have a DX 18-200mm VR lens. Anti shake is really a vital thing, especially if you don't have a tripod and a real steady pair of hands. 

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