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Sunday, September 13, 2009

As Time Passes By

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By excalade89

Thank you and congrats to Ben and Mary for the invitation and wedding. I will make sure I'll reschedule my time for the coming assignments for this event. 

Let me share to you something - the transitions of life after leaving high school. 

17-18 years old: 
You'll begin to know that some of your friends have driving licenses. 
18 years old: 
You'll begin knowing your friend's plans, either to work or to pursue their studies to college/uni.  
20 years old: 
You'll begin seeing friends being graduated and by this moment, maybe you'd been invited to a wedding PERSONALLY :) Yeah, not by your parents' name, your own name. 
In the future, you will see: 
Your friends graduated with a degree cert

Your friends got married and you'd been invited. 

Most of your peers begin to work full time.
And later on:
You'll be invited to your friends' house opening

Your friends' have full-moon celebration of their firstborn child.

I just wonder, when will be my turn to get married? Hmmmm.....

By the way, that is the second wedding invitation that I'd received this year. The first one was a Malay wedding between my FICM coursemate Nur Izrein and Shaiful Nizam (I hope I spell your name right). I think both are currently pursuing their studies in Australia. Good luck. 


e l a i n e said...

i seriously jus laugh my head off when i saw "when is my turn to get married?" not laughing at u, ok...but seriously can't help offence meant..

Victor Tan said...

Lol...I understand :) I was just in my random mode when I'm typing that out, hahaha........