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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Have Self-Discipline Issues

CRR class has been cancelled for the second time. Sigh! Miss Natasha's class is my most favourite class in this semester. It's not only fun, it's also the most interesting subject to me when compared to CCS, Journalism and PR1. Like Social Psychology, I wanna learn what it takes to be a scholar, because my life goal is to be a lecturer or a professor. 

Back to the topic. I really have self-discipline issues, and I hope it will not be another downfall of me. I'd been starting assignments lately. I even had a close call on submitting the first Principles of Journalism essay, where I submitted 1 hour before the deadline. Today, being caught in the middle between my mental fatigue and deadline adrenaline, I am currently rushing against time to submit my CCS journals. 

But thank God, I always submit all my assignments in time :)

I'd been hearing some comforts throughout this semester, like "It's okay, don't compare yourself to me," or "I'm even worse larr, I'm slower than you still". Thanks for your concern, but I really have to change myself. 

I know, in 2007, putting up an attitude of giving up and skipping class due to that attitude was a very bad self-discipline when I was way back studying in Labuan. I chose the wrong course, yes, but putting the wrong attitude to endure the choice? NO. 

Today, I'm enrolling in a more suitable course under my choice once again. It's better, but the right attitude MUST be there. 

Self-discipline is very important in tertiary studies. Once you have a lack of it, you'll screw up, just like me now. Everyone is like that, I know, all we have to do is to endure it. 

Parents had invested RM 30K (course fees, accommodation, expenses, flight tickets) so far on my current 3 years of tertiary education,  I know that figure will be growing after the next 2 years. I have a responsibility, and it's a very HUGE one. :( 

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