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Friday, September 25, 2009

As I'd Promised :)

This photo is based on the idea of my coursemate, Qi Kit, in his >tutorial post< on how to make a lomograph. I did promised the 4 girls earlier to edit their reunion photo into a lomograph during the 3rd gathering with them.

And here it is :)

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By excalade89

UPDATED: Qi Kit, I know you're reading this (I know it through the Nuffnang thingy :) Sorry if the way I edited it doesn't seem to be parrallel to your satisfaction level. You know what? The last step is very difficult. I had to redo the light area TWICE to ensure the UV light effect compromises all of the 4 faces here. 

To the girls, I need your comments. Fang Yee said that it's a fine piece of lomograph. I need your feedbacks should I have to redo it again. But I did tried out my best to edit the original picture. 

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