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Monday, September 14, 2009

Imagine The World Living Without The Monetary System

I'd been wanting to type this out while attempting to put all the words right in this post. Sometimes, when it comes to discussing about our world and the environment we're living in, people usually felt hard to express themselves, as we see the world with a large diversity of perspectives, regardless the affiliations of our family, religious, and societal institutions around us. By the way, this is not an ACADEMIC WRITING. Long post, but it's worth reading. :)

2 weeks ago, I went to an economic function in the MCA Building. And a speaker by the name of Nigel Foo, a senior analyst of Malaysian economics presented a brief view of the global financial crisis. IT ISN'T OVER YET. Even things in California today don't work out well. Recession is still a terrible catastrophe and it even cut out the jobs for government workers and teachers.

Editor's Note: This is only my opinion of the world's economy. Viewers' discretion are advised. You may share your opinions here, but please do so with a sound mind. 


I'd been actually thinking about the word, "money" all the time. At first, during my teenage times, I always wonder, why an average human is born being fed, and later being sent to school, graduate, and being forced to work for the sake of money. During your works, comes office politics and unnecessary conflicts. And people who work usually don't have the chance to live their own lives well. They just serve the top pyramid's self-interests, not their own. 

I heard from many of my "Aristotles", my teachers, of course, saying that there are too many people having degrees nowadays. To successfully get a job, you need a Master degree.

If you disagree with what I'm saying now, then ask yourself. Why employees stay as static as they are and the employers soar higher? Even so, the employers face even more stresses as they compete with other organizations. 

To add more terror, job security is an issue nowadays. So, you just imagine that you're just invest your 3 years and RM 60K in universities and suddenly you are not able to get a job. Even if you get one, you're still worrying if you suddenly got fired.

I tell you a testimonial of a man I knew. During his working days in a company, he had a good job performance that impressed his boss. Despite of having a good friendship with his boss, he suddenly got fired one fine day. It's such a betrayal to him. Thank God today he's an IBO - Independent Business Owner. 

See the world today? Well, I'm just talking about the perspective view on the world of employment. This financial crisis has made billions of people unemployed worldwide. I remembered a newspaper article entitled "25,000 to lose jobs after CNY" during this February. It's really eerie. 


"Surely children weren't made for the streets

And Fathers were not made to leave
Surely this isn't how it should be"

- Lincoln Brewster's "The Power of Your Name" 

Though this is an excerpt from a Christian song, do you feel that money has weaken family values? 

Stress from work, the need for security and financial freedom for the family has made Mum and Dad to abandon their homes for money. I'm not saying that making money is wrong, but like it or not, all have to do so. Even the CEO has to be busy in his office, because of the competition of profits in business, where there's no price for the second place. And children left abandoned at home, being blinded by materialistic stuffs, getting all the wrong values by the wrong friends they mixed with, etc. 

And worse, if you are still under a rat race in your 40s, you have no choice but to send your parents to the old folks home. And many people had done this. It's not correct from the eye, but they really have no choice but to do it. 

From here, you are seeing a sick society

"It's no measure of health to be adjusted to a profoundly sick society" 
- J. Khrisnamurti (Philosopher) 


I'm not an economist. But I know this. The US Dollar keeps on devaluating day by day. Because it's been used internationally, it also affects the world's currencies. And now, you'd been hearing recessions, crisis on oil and food, inflation, etc. 

And there's 1 thing that makes me feel senseless about. 

Tamiflu is an urgent cure against today's H1N1 and yet it's EXPENSIVE. 

And worse, surgeries and other hospital treatments for life-threatening diseases cost RM 10K+. C'mon! This is a life and death issue and hospitals are making money out of it. Corrupt minded. Swt. 

I wish I could have type more. But now let me go straight to my main concluding point in this post. 

I know everywhere I go, there will be the same patterns of people. They dream big, they have hopes. Yet, we all hate going to work. We hate cooperating with random people. We hate being yelled and manipulated. We hate dealing with stingy bosses. We even hate it when we face scarcities everyday. We hate it when someone has a Porsche when you have a Proton. 

Like it or not, they have to do it, because of money. 

And the weird thing is, they know they hate facing all of these stuffs, and they are aware, that everything is because of money. Why don't we all reject the monetary system? We'd been seeing a great collapse in economics.

If we continue to support the monetary system and allow the system to manipulate the way we live, things are going to get nastier. 

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