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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Boredom Begins.

I'm really angry of the fact that my laptop won't allow me to install the Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended software. Crap, it took me the whole afternoon and it's still not WORKING. WTH man...

Anyway, are your holidays a blast yet? People who celebrate Hari Raya this holiday surely will enjoy the best of this holidays as they go around open houses and engage themselves with sweet reunion, just as we usually do in Chinese New Year

It was like my first mid-term sem break here. Gosh! As if I have no friends to talk to. All the housemates left for their breaks, while one of them shifted to Penang for internship training. Well, male housemates don't really interact as intimate as females do. As I observe, girls usually interact more with people than boys do. Don't believe me? Try this experiment: Get a group of girls together randomly into a spot. They will first do some ice-breaking and you'll establish a new group of friends. Boys? They'll tend not to talk. Our nature lah, of course =.=

I'm talking nonsense again. But it's empirically true, most of the time, haha....

What am I anticipating from this mid term break is:

1. Waiting for Alvan and Fadhlan to come to Sunway Pyramid. I wanna play pool with both of them. 

2. Meeting with my cousin in IMU and my aunt in 2 days' time. I wish we can go KLCC for some snapshots there. Minh, are you near there? 

3. Complete my CRR 2nd assignment so that I can let Miss Natasha get a pre-submission evaluation? 

Speaking of KLCC, I remembered a photo which I'd took last year. I want you to guess what camera I was using that time. 

Image Hosted by
By excalade89

This is not taken with a DSLR, neither using a point-and-shoot digital camera. It's taken using my Sony Ericsson W700i xD !!! Surprised? I missed my old phone. It's only 2.0 megapixels yet it's capable of capturing an image as clear as this :) 

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