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Friday, September 11, 2009

I'll Promise Never Again I Will Procrastinate As Late As This

And the last of the first series of deadlines are done! I'd submitted my CCS Journal 1 at 4 pm (Adelaide time), and heck I managed to complete them all. 

Somehow the adrenaline rush was terrifying enough to keep me awake for this whole morning and afternoon. The last time I experienced that was during the 3rd FICM semester's rush for the English Research paper submission. 

I hope all my first assignments are fine. 

Anyway, to Aaron and Amirul, thanks for the CC invitation. Had lots of fun playing with you guys + Imran, Zac, and Wai Yik, especially the DotA game. I'd officially "retired" from DotA by the way. That 3 vs 3 game rocks! But somehow, I won't continue my interest with the game anymore. I'm gradually becoming a part time gamer, just that I can't wait for Diablo 3. 

Have fun in Genting, you people! :) 

Now, I'm going off to bed for a pit stop. 

Next event - Looking forward to Jessie Lo's farewell in Concorde Hotel :) 

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