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Sunday, September 13, 2009

DSLR Blues

Weird, I felt the people around me begin endeavour themselves into the DSLR frenzy, just like me =) Many of my old and current friends begin searching new cams. 

Let's see, who has already own DSLRs in my friends and relatives' list - 

1. Colbert Chia and Kim Loong - The first 2 persons who first inspired me to get one. Both have Sony Alphas and I really admire their pictures a lot. 1 in his blog, while another one in Facebook :)

But the time when I was finding a DSLR during March, I was only thinking of my future degree course (which is Journalism- now) in case I really need it. Apparently, Taylor's course is more to writing, and not photojournalism. Nevertheless, I like writing. Nevermind. 

2. Uncle Winston Tai - He owns a lot of cameras since young and Mum even told me that he used to have a film studio in his old house. Today, he is one veteran photographer and he makes his leisure hobby into one of his passive incomes. 

3. Jade Lin - I think she owns a Panasonic DSLR. She has great pictures as well. 

4. Roy Chiew - I'd been admiring his landscape photos a lot. He's not more into post productions, yet he's good in photography. 

5. Dad - Since when I was in Form 4, he began his interest with cameras. I remembered, he started to place his interest in digital cameras by purchasing a Sony Cybershot, which only lasts for a year. Later, I saw him with a Nikon Coolpix and a Panasonic Lumix. Well, I was given a good phone, a good laptop and a good DSLR cam, but he got a better phone (Nokia N76 vs SE W700i), and a better laptop (Acer Travelmate 6592G vs Acer Aspire 4920G). 

I bet he will be buying a better DSLR camera than mine. For sure, it's a Nikon. Let me guess, the Nikon D90 or a D300? Never mind. The D80 is good enough for me :) Thanks to God and to my parents. 

6. Cheong Xiao Tim - Surprisingly he has a Nikon D60. Did went through his Facebook pictures, and it's impressive. He would be getting himself a new DSLR soon. I guess he will get an Olympus soon. 

Sooner or later, other friends will own a DSLR. Good la! We can share our own experiences with our DSLRs and learn from each other. There are many more actually. 

By the way, with my 2 months of DSLR experience (I only touched it during March, July and August), I can say this is the best photo so far.  

Image Hosted by
By excalade89

I am, and will be improving day by day. This is Stivi, my coursemate by the way. Maybe I will come out with something better. 

P.S - I am going to think of a better watermark label for my future photos. 

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